Premec Radical
Premec Chalk
Premec, the world’s largest manufacturer of tips for writing instruments was established in 1961 with the exclusive dedication to the production of tips for ball point pens. Ever since, Premec is at the service of the Writing Instrument Industries in both Western and Eastern Europe. Successful also in the Middle East, Central and South America and in some Asian areas, like India, Thailand and Singapore. Premec becomes recognized as a market leader thanks to its wide product range and its production volumes, while quality and services remain its top priority.   In 2013 Premec penetrates the writing instruments market with Chalk and Radical. The company’s vision driven by the following guidelines; to produce a pen of high aesthetical value, with many customization options for the promotional market, with the highest of writing quality standards (swiss made refills) and Eco friendly options. Chalk and Radical embody the guaranteed hi-quality low-cost solution in a market saturated with low-cost products of questionable quality.