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PS2 Personalised

Our PS2 PERSONALISED cases are the perfect solution for promoting your messages. They initially look like any ordinary box, but their full value becomes clear when you realise how large the print areas are: a promotional vehicle with a high degree of recognition and immense affinity with your brand. After all, that’s what we created them for. Contents: for one writing instrument

Β2Β Price from: €2,09. Includes 1 color marking. VAT and shipping costs not included. Minimum order quantity 500 items.


A large print area guarantees you the space you need for your logos and texts. Because what interests us is to provide you with the greatest possible scope for customisation, to generate the symbiotic bond between your brand and your message. To accompany your words and your values through space and time. To give credibility to you and what you hold dear.

PS2 Personalised Cases print areas