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Prodir pens | QS00

The QS00 offers a completely new form of personalisation. Its casing surface can be individually designed within the limits of what is technically possible: Our designers transform your ideas into a pattern that is then, in the injection moulding, introduced into the surface of the QS writing instrument. In close collaboration with you this then gives rise to a truly unique brand ambassador, fully in co-operation with your concept.


Prodir QS00 pen Surfaces and Colours


Prodir QS00 pen print areas


The details of the 3D pattern for the casing of your personalised QS00 are developed together with you. The limits of what is possible are determined by the thickness of the plastic walls, as well as the technical product requirements of the injection moulding. There are three excellent writing systems to choose from: Floating Ball®, Premium Low-Viscosity TechGlide® or SuperDry® Gel. And the refill is exchangeable, of course.