DS1 The Retro
DS2 The Energizer
DS3 The Original
DS3 Biotic
DS3.1 The Evolution
DS5 The Futurist
DS7 The Decider
DS8 the New Prodir
DS9  The new prodir
DS10 The Brave
PS2 Personalised
PS3 Dual Box
Since the beginning of 1980, Prodir manufactures precision crafted writing instruments in award winning design with high quality ball point refills made exclusively for the global markets of promotional products in Switzerland. Prodir pens are beautiful and original objects that last and work both as pen and as credible carrier of messages. Because only quality communicates quality. Manufacturing is made exclusively in Switzerland, from the moulding of plastics, to the refills, their assembly and customization to ensure the highest standards of quality. Designs and colours are renewed annually in co-operation with style advisors from the metropolis of fashion, Milan - Italy.